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Sad Times for Wind Toy IV

For the first time in 40 years, Wind Toy IV is not going in the water this summer.  We are in the middle of a major restoration project right now. The deck is getting completely redone. Filling old holes, recoring rotten spots in the deck, and repainting is taking a lot longer then expected. There is also a major keel project happening at the same time. In an effort to not have to do this again in a few years because we rushed things, we have decided to just take a year off and do it right the first time.  This will also give us the opportunity to sand and repaint the sides as well.  So, the next time Wind Toy goes in the water (Summer 2011), she will look like a brand new old boat.

She is getting some new equipment including windows tracks and some other things that basically fell aparrt when we took them off to sand and get ready to paint.

In the mean time, we are sailing George Thomson's Custom C&C 41 Warrior this summer in the Mack race and Wednesday nights.  


Have a great summer, and we'll see you next summer.

Here is a link to some pictures of the progress


Some things never get old!

Walking across the stage at Mackinac Island is definetly one of them. In the past 6 years we have not missed that walk! This year was no exception. In fact, we got to walk it twice in one afternoon.
Collecting First in class, and first overall in division. That has brought our tally up to 5 First Place finishes (1974, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2009), 2 Second Place Finishes (1989, 2006), and several third place finishes. we also have 3 overal finishes in the past 6 years. Second Overall 2004, Third overall 2005, and First Overall 2009. MANY MANY THANKS to all the crew and supporting friends and family that have made all this possible. The last 6 years have been an absolute blast! The old girl has been good to us to say the least.

This year is Wind Toy IV's 40th birthday, 39th Mackinac race and owned by the Bunn Family since she was built.

Full Class Results here

Full Overall Results here



We're Back on TOP!

After finishing first for 3 years straight, Freeway managed to knock us off of our pedalstal last year.  This spring however, we climbed back to the top! 
After racing just 4 out of the possible 5 races (who wants to race in light air while the Wings are trying to win the Stanley Cup?) we finished up with 1,3,3,1. That gave us 22 points and first place for the Spring series.  Who knows if we will make it for the summer series, but at least we won this one.

Click here for the full results



Tuesday night photography

Tuesday night is our weekly escape from real life. Every week we venture out onto the lake to enjoy some friendly racing and the company of friends.
For the past few years, a Michael Florian has been taking some great shots of all of us playing on the water.
Click here to view Mike's gallery.
Here are some particularly great shots of us and Aisling with a Water Spout forming in the background.



Back to the Stage!!!

Well, it was a quick wet race this year, and we worked fairly hard through the whole thing.
One bad call on the first leg near Harbor Beach, and we went from first to nearly last in a matter of minutes.
We pushed hard through the night, and all Day on Sunday. Fighting all the way, we managed to end it with another trip to the stage.
Third place in IRC F this time. We'll Take it!
Thanks to all the crew and the hard work they put forth to get us back up on the satge, and of course the party in the fall...

2008 Port Huron to Mackinac Race

With just a few days remaining before the start of this years Mackinac Race, the Toy is getting close to being "Ready".  A few odds and ends, and we will be heading up the river on Wednesday.  Look like good weather for the delivery.  Yeah! Cant wait to tip back a few Blue pops during a nice journey up the river. 
It is a little far out for any kind of acurate wind predictions, but it looks like it is going to be another light air race.  There should be a few small storms rolling through, but nothing big.  Lets hope for the best, it sure is nice to attend that party in September!  I am sure everyone one the boat agrees, and will be working hard to attend again this year.

For those that are interested, here are a few links of things that are relevant to this years race.

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  • Time Difference Table
  • All Classes
  • Bouy Roundings
  • Results
  • 2008 Port Huron to Mackinac Race Website
  •  Wish us Luck!!!!






    2008 Sailing Season

    After a long winter of motor rebuilding, the Toy is back on the water and racing hard (thanks Larry & Bob, mostly Larry)

    Well, the season is well under way, and we are battling away with Freeway and Solutions for first on the Tuesday night series.
    These guys are getting faster and faster, and making it more difficult to win each week. It has been a lot of fun. If all goes well, this will be our 7th straight First over the last 4 years for the Tuesday night series.

    The 2008 Port Huron to Mackinac race is fast approaching! With only a few weeks left before the start, it is time to start thinking about working on the boat.
    For those of you that think you will have time, there will be a list on the website and on the chart table with the things that need to be done. Hopefully we will have that list ready by the end of this coming Saturday (6/21/08). The list shouldn't be too bad this year, as the biggest project is the lifelines, and Jonesy has to deal with that one...
    But dont worry, there are pleanty of things that will keep us all busy. A little cleaning and some general maintenance and she will be in as good of shape as we can get her.

    Here is the List as of 6/21/08 linky Clicky



    First Place IRC E
    2007 Port Huron to Mackinac Race

    This years Port Huron to Mackinac race was a long frusterating light air race. Everyone on the crew worked really hard, even through the 10-12 hours of NO air we had on Sunday afternoon. The weather information we received through our air card proved to be more then useful once again. Eliminator pushed all the way to the end making for one hell of a fight for our Third First place flag in the last Four years. This year is the first year we raced in IRC.
    Once we finally got to the island on Monday night at 12:46am. We had a great impromtu party at the dock. Tusday night turned out to be a great party on the dock as well. Lots of fun was had by all. Larry Bell from Bells Brewery seemed to be having a great time too...
    The fun didnt stop there though. The delivery home turned out to be very entertaining as well . Some drunken dabauchery was had with Heat Wave and of course our friends on the Pendragon. (Sorry Joe B & K.T., You shouldn't have gone to bed so early.) Here are some of the pics.

    Some of the pictures taken are starting to come in.
    Party Pics are HERE
    Delivery Pics are HERE
    Video of our start can be viewd HERE

    I will post the all the pictures I get as soon as I get them.

    IRC E Results
    Full Results
    Overall Results



    On Tuesday, June 19th 2007 We had a very puffy night with lots of excitment.
    Jim Steadman was on the dock with what appears to be one hell of camera, he was able to catch a great sequence.  Normally,  these are the sort of pictures you like to see so long as your boat wasn't involed...
    Check out the pictures Here

    First Bullet of the 2007 Season!
    GPSC Sundown Series - June19th
    Way to go shorthanded crew! No "Grown Up's" needed!

    Dont forget to check out our Melges...

    & the Melges 24 Midwest site.

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